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Properties come in all shapes and sizes, and so must do your insurance plan. From shop insurance to office insurance, from flats insurance to hotel insurance, if you have business premises to insure, the insurance plan should be built for your business standards.

In addition, you may need expert protection as a landlord with your buy-to-let property. You might not think of yourself as a landlord - but if you rent out property and have tenants, you'll need more than just property insurance. Protecting your rental property is protecting your investment - and your income too.


If you employ even just one person, you’ll probably need employers’ liability insurance.

In addition, you should protect your business with public liability insurance, because even the smallest incident can lead to a big compensation claim from a third party.

Finally, you should be concerned for your employees’ wellbeing and thus look for the appropriate corporate health cover for businesses that can achieve the perfect balance between healthcare cover for your employees and measurable business benefits, such as: reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and improved employee morale.


Construction insurance is required on every single construction project and provides coverage for material, employees and even your own business against any risk or natural disasters. In addition, machinery & plant insurance – on an individual or blanket basis - enables your business’ cover against sudden and unforeseen damage or breakdown that will certainly lead to significant financial loss.

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